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Customer Testimonials

We have used Darrel’s services on several occasions and have found all aspects of his work to be excellent.

We particularly appreciated his advice and thoughtfulness before commencing the jobs. Darrel always turned up at the agreed times and completed the work promptly and within the agreed budget. The house was left clean and tidy each day and we had no hesitation in giving Darrel access to our house while we were absent. We have been thrilled with the finished product each time.

Darrel is reliable and honest with good ‘old-fashioned’ values.  I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Darrel, and we will certainly be calling on him again as the need arises.

Yours faithfully

Sheryl and John Lowther


 I have used Darrel as my main contractor for all my flooring work for the last eight years.  He has always been exceptionally reliable and conscientious with his work and always turns up to appointments when needed.  He has done a wide range of work for me over the years, and I rely on his knowledge where my own is lacking (I am an interior designer, I know how I want things, but I don’t always know how to achieve them).

 He has done sanding, and various finishes for me (staining, blonding, painting) as well as the more traditional polyurethane finish. He has repaired, and matched timber flooring as well as sorting through the various issues in dealing with concrete floors, waterproofing and using composite flooring products.

 To my mind, much of his knowledge has been passed on from his own Father, Owen, who has been in the trade for many years.  This handed-down knowledge assures me that I am dealing with someone who doesn’t just have book knowledge but a large range of experiences in dealing with flooring and all that entails.

 Personally, if Darryl isn’t available to work a job when I need it done, then I simply wait until he is available, as I just don’t want to use anyone else. He is the only person I have trusted to do my own homes.  If you knew how fussy I was (and I am) you would know that statement carries a lot of weight!

 Anya Brighouse


It has been my pleasure to deal with All About Floors Ltd for several years.

Darrel Wildbore, in particular has been my point of contact. 

 I have found him to be honourable, conscientious and hard working. He is very accommodating. Nothing seems to be any trouble and he is always looking to achieve the best result.

 His workmanship is of the best quality and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any job involving floor resurfacing, as this has been my requirement from his company. However I’m sure he would apply the same aptitude in any other venture he may be involved with.


 Rod York (director)


Darrel Wildbore from All About Floors sanded and polished our kitchen and dining room floors recently.

The quotation process was quick, easy and competitive. The job was done over a number of days, with no delays or differences to what was explained to us. He was able to guide us in the best finished look for our house. The floors look beautiful

Darrel is professional and friendly, which is what you need when you give someone access to your house to complete jobs such as this. I would totally recommend Darrel to anyone wanting floor sanding.

Juliet Hislop